Creating and Telling Stories in a Digital Format


MeeGenius allows you to select a storybook and either have it read to you, read it yourself, or customize it! After you select a book, you can select the personalize button and it will ask for the name of the main characters. When it is personalized, you can record your voice to read the book. Currently, this site is free (at least right now), but you must be over 13 to register for an account. However, you don’t have to register to use the site, even to personalize books. Without registration you can’t save your books, but you can read them when you make them. This looks like a fun site for kids of all ages!

Storybird Elementary Level
A collaborative storytelling tool, the site features artwork by real artists that you can use to create your own storybook. It's somewhat limited in where you can place art and text, but this is version 1.0, and I assume it will grow increasingly feature rich as the site develops.