Digital You in the Classroom

Using Digital and Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance Classroom Learning

Library Technology Connections to the Comprehensive Curriculum

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Multiple Images

Recording Video Clip with Webcams

Using Avatars

Logitech Website for Video Effects


Sign up for Skype account.
Go to:

  1. Digital You in the Classroom (****)
  2. Click "Edit" button
  3. Add your name and Skype name to table
  4. Skype someone in the classroom. Have a conversation about how Skype can be used in the classroom
  5. Place a Skype call to multiple people on the list for a conference call. Discuss how this would be helpful in contacting multiple technology coordinators.
  6. Visit Skype in Schools:

Other Skype Links:
  1. Vicki Davis on Skype (includes a 10 minute video)
  2. Elementary Web 2.0 Project: When Donkeys Fly **** (Uses wikis, Skype, VoiceThead, etc)
  3. EducSkypers Phone Book (educators may register here to connect with other teachers and eduators interested in using Skype.
  4. Eisenhower Middle School Skypecasts (Blue Ribbon School)
  5. Skype an Author (wiki with authors willing to Skype with classes)

Call Graph ****

  1. Interview someone on your Skype list using Call Graph to record your conversation.
  2. Go to:

Videoconferencing with DimDim

Totally web-based. Must download Screencast plug in on initial use.

  1. Invite a group to videoconference with you about the 2009-2010 Technology Fair. How could this be useful to you?
  2. Invite a group to discuss how DimDim could be used among administrators, teachers, or students.
  3. The standing advice for achieving success in staff development activities has always been, "Work with the Living." Doug Johnson says in his book Machines are the Easy Part: People are the Hard Part, "We can no longer afford to only work with the living." What are some ways we can entice these teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms?

Videoconferencing with YugmaSE

  1. Invite a group to discuss the advantages of videoconferencing with classes in other schools, other states, or other classrooms within a school.
  2. How can you reply to someone who says, "Don't water the rocks!"
  3. How can storytelling with Web 2.0 engage students in learning?