Free AND Royalty Free Music and Sounds for Projects

You are allowed to: download, copy, share, trade, distribute, and publicly perform (e.g. webcast) any of the files available in the feeds listed in our highly moderated database. All the feeds have agreed to the Music Sharing License available through Creative Commons.

Jan’s Comments:site is free, but very slow and laborious.Sampling music is not easy.You have to go to each link, find the download and wait.Nothing is instantaneous.Download is very slow, too.


Royalty free music by BenSound. Fresh, new sounds.

Choose “Remixes” for general music, or Choose “Tag Cloud ” to locate specifi typesor genres of music.
Jan’s comments:Really good mp3 files, easy to preview. Trick to downloading: Download by clicking "download this page" under "Media" on left. Page reopens with downloadable link. These would be great for PhotoStory, especially, because of length. Attribution required.

Free Sounds

Freesound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. Browse, download and share sounds. Excellent new source for quality sounds, sound effects, etc.

Jan's Comments: Outstanding!

This site has over 6000 wav, MP3, midi, and Aif sound files in all catagories. These are short sound effects and loops.

Jan's Comments: This site has probably every sound file imaginable. It is an excellent resource for teacher use. However, I do not recommend it for students due to the nature of some of the sounds loops. The sexual nature of a few of the loops would make this inappropriate for students.


The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads. The Free Music Archive is being directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America. Radio has always offered the public free access to new music. The Free Music Archive is a continuation of that purpose, designed for the age of the internet. Every mp3 you discover on The Free Music Archive is pre-cleared for certain types of uses that would otherwise be prohibited by outdated copyright law.

Jan's Comments: Scroll to the lower right-hand side of the screen to select music by genres. This site has a huge selection of music. Attribution required.


Original compositions by the site creator (classical clips are clearly marked and are also original recordings).

Jan’s Comments: Wonderful variety! Free and Royalty free mp3 files arranged by genre and mood. Easy to preview and download. Length is listed and varies with each piece. Great resource. Attribution required.

iBeat is a production music repository. iBeat is more "open" than free. The production music and shots on the site are available under Creative Commons licensing. This means some is public domain, some available for commercial use under attribution, and most under a non-commercial license. The user is asked to please note and respect the individual license which entries are tagged with.

Jan's Comment: Site contains a great variety of sounds and music clips. Music and sounds can be streamed easily to preview. Download is also quick and easy.


Jan’s Comments:Great site, easy to use, instantaneous previews.Mp3 files download quickly.Only 14 choices for free, but the quality makes up for the quantity.


Free sign up. Jamendo advertises itself as the world's #1 platform for free and legal music downloads. Available in seven languages, it offers the largest catalog of music under Creative Commons licenses. For artists, it's an easy and efficient way to publish, share and promote their music, and also to make money, through ad revenue sharing and commercial partnerships.Jamendo offers free streaming and download of music published under Creative Commons licenses. On jamendo, artists grant use of their music for private uses free of cost.

Jan’s Comments:mp3, beautiful music.Recommend using the tag cloud on the right side of the page to locate a particular theme or genre.When you go to download, you will be placed in a queue to wait for your download.The site will alert you as to where you are in the queue.

Open Music

Open Music Archive is a collaborative project, initiated by artists Eileen Simpson & Ben White, to source, digitize and distribute out-of-copyright sound recordings. The archive is open for anyone to use and contribute.

Jan's Comments: Browse music by tags. This site contains original recordings. Because some of these are original recordings, some of the recordings are somewhat scratchy (like old records).

Partners in Rhyme:

Really Free-Royalty Free Music Loops and Sound Effects to download and use in your commercial projects, podcasts, websites and videos.
You may download and use these free music loops in any any commercial multimedia project but you cannot:
• re-sell individually or as a collection or as a ringtone
• post on a website for download
• mix into your own music and then redistribute it as your own.
You may use these music loops in a Flash animation or in any other commercial multimedia presentation including TV and Film.
In return for the use of these free royalty free music loops they only ask that you please give Partners In Rhyme a link on your website or blog with the easy to use html code below. Just copy and paste and your done.

Jan’s Comments: Over 50 free, downloadable wav files. Easy to preview, easy to download. Attribution is requested. HTML for link is provided on website. Good quality, original music.

Wide variety of original music by up and coming artists. Some music may be streamed. Some may be downloaded. Browse music by themes and stype.


Welcome to the Purple Planet Royalty-Free Music site - a 'pay what you like' collection of incidental music from composers Chris Martyn and Geoff Harvey, based in Leeds, in the north of England. All the music here can be used for any type of film production or web presentation (youtube, podcasts, blogs etc) including revenue-generating, commercial uses. You can pay whatever amount you're comfortable withe retain the copyright, but so long as it is not resold you are welcome to use music here in virtually any way you want. Purple Planet simply asks for attribution in your production, under a Creative Commons License.
Their tracks are grouped by themes depending on the sort of atmosphere you want to create. All tracks can be previewed online and can be downloaded instantly with no need to register

Jan's Comments: Wonderful site! The thematic groupings, such as mystery, calm, movement, comic, dramatic, horror, sadness, etc., are easy to preview and easy to download. MP3 files.

The Recordist:

Jan’s Comments:Free, downloadable sound effects. Preview as Quicktime, download as mp3. Great selection of sound effects. User may also purchase soundbox collections. <> - will give a password to schools.

Nice selection of music and it really is free if you apply for the educator grant (which is free).
Jan's Comments: Educators may apply for a free password for school use, however, all downloaded music is "branded." This means that frequently, while the music is being played, a voice will "pop up" and say "Royalty Free Music dot com."


Browse through the sound categories or search for a sound to view available sounds that match your search criteria. The sound files featured in SimplytheBest Sounds were gathered from various collections on the Internet, were created by our editors or submitted by our visitors. The sound files on this web site are not intended for public use (whether for profit or not) unless so stated, and are provided here as-is for private entertainment purposes only. All sound files retain the original copyright from their respective owners (where applicable).

Jan's Comments: Easy to browse or search. Preview is quick, uncomplicated, and on same line as download. Download is also easy to do.

May download 5 free sounds per month.


**** is an encyclopedia of free sound clips. They offer free and royalty free sounds for video editors, movie scores, game designers, and weekend audio warriors. Attribution required.

Keyword searches are performed by entering any word or phrase in a search box. The retrieved results of a keyword search are displayed ten to a page. Clicking on play icon allows you to preview a file. Download button instantly downloads the sound effect or musical instrument sample file. A short description of the sound appears on top of every sound, followed by the frame rate, duration and bit rate. All of the sound effects and samples are royalty free for downloading.

Jan's Comments: This is a mega site for sounds. It is easy to use and it locates, within the Soungle database, multiple results.****

This website a library of theme songs. The site owner does not own any of these songs and offers to remove any songs that the owner would like taken down. All themes and Clips are copyrighted by their licensors and are intended for educational and personal listening only. These are not to be used for commercial or other non-educational use without permission of the copyright holder (licensor). They are NEVER to be sold or traded for items of value. This site does not own the music and cannot grant permission for any commercial use. This archive is a result of private collectors of historic television placing their private collections for all to share in remembering the various shows of the past and present and discussing their views on the subject of the music and the series involved. There will not be entire copies of CDs found on this site at any time. The music here is in a lower quality than a CD, and is considered a 'sample' of the music should you choose to buy the CD. If you wish better quality then please check with your local Music Store for a CD that might have that song on it and buy it.”

Jan’s comments:site is easy to use.Songs and themes are listed alphabetically.Download and preview quick and easy.Be sure to download from preview mode.There is a download button.I have concerns about the copyright and licensing because the owner of the site is not using original music. Attribution is required.

A1 Free Sound Effects: