Wikispaces is the ultimate Web 2.0 applications for creating and sharing content through a collaborative effort. Teachers may request an education account, which is ad-free. LA Digital Immigrants site was created using Wikispaces.

Mrs. Tugwell's Wiki

Mrs. Hayward's It's Revolutionary Wiki



While not as intuitive as Wix, Yola makes up for this by having great help/support pages. It's advertising free, which is imperative for educational purposes, and offers plenty of free, customizable templates (though the really cool ones require an upgrade to the silver account). Like Wix, you can upload multiple media formats.


Kafafa not only helps you create your website; it will put it on the Internet for you. Kafafa offers styles that are incredibly flexible and customizable .Your site is updated live as you edit, so you don't have to worry about publishing or anything--it's all done for you. In addition, Kafafa offers you unlimited bandwidth.